AWVR 777 is the lead unit of the runaway and the main antagonist of the 2010 action/thriller movie, Unstoppable. It was a runaway train carrying hazardous chemicals from Fuller Yard towards Stanton, Pennsylvania. Courtesy of the heroic actions of rookie conductor Will Colson and veteran engineer Frank Barnes, the train was stopped before it could cause any more fatalities beyond when it derailed a lash-up and the engineer was killed, shortly before Colson and Barnes began their pursuit.

Behavior and history Edit

Little is known about AWVR 777's history and what it did before the events of Unstoppable.

Trivia Edit

  • Elephant sounds were mixed with train noises to make 777 sound more menacing.
  • During development, 777 was nicknamed "The Beast". Denzel Washington uses the nickname in a behind-the-scenes interview. [1]
  • It has passed three junctions without derailing.
  • There are also some problems with the movie's information:

AWVR 777 travels almost 75 mph despite the fact it was carrying 39 cars which should have it struggling to even reach 50 mph.

777 is personified many times throughout the film, in a manner which almost makes it sound sentient.

It passes three junctions that would have and should have derailed it immediately.

It derails a lash-up even though it was travelling on the same track as the lash-up. It is not possible for any train to jump a switch no matter how fast it's going.